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Product range
Valsterane® by Arkema

Valsterane® is a unique product range of high-purity and high-performance hydrogen peroxide specialty products.This product range has been specially designed for all aseptic technologies (spray, vapor or bath processes) as a disinfectant for cardboard and PE/ PET packaging in direct contact with food and beverages.

Achieve higher performance for aseptic filling

Arkema offers a wide range of hydrogen peroxide grades available for the disinfection of food packaging: Valsterane® grades are characterised by strict production control and high purity.


These qualities are used for aseptic packaging processes (by immersion or spraying) as a sterilisation agent for packaging in direct contact with food and beverages, responding to the needs of all type of packaging technologies.


Arkema is a trusted partner to the aseptic packaging industry, offering Valsterane® range solutions of superior quality and outstanding technical support. We work closely with leading aseptic machine manufacturers ensuring best quality and cutting edge solutions to consistently anticipate and satisfy the industry needs and requirements.


Valsterane® range helps customers to increase production rates and cycles,therefore reducing manufacturing costs.



Valsterane® for Bath aseptic applications

 As required by leading machine manufacturers, Valsterane® SB and Valsterane®  B bath aseptic hydrogen peroxide grades ensure both long term (1 year) stability at room temperature before use and short term (120+ hours) stability at elevated temperature during operation.



Valsterane® for Spray aseptic applications

Valsterane® range for packaging

For spray technology Valsterane® SB and Valsterane® S provide excellent performance in spray aseptic applications. Their dry residue (< 10 mg/kg and < 20 mg kg respectively) ensure minimum deposits in heaters and spray nozzles.


Arkema introduces a new era for aseptic filling with its best in class Valsterane® S-HP offering market record low residue levels (< 5 mg/kg) increasing production rates and cycles, as well as reducing manufacturing costs for high-demanding spray aseptic applications.

As an environmentally friendly solution, the use of Valsterane® in aseptic packaging processes guarantees a long shelf life to preservative-free beverages and dairies that are aseptically packaged in cartons, pouches, cups or bottles, allowing your customers to enjoy every drop!

Geographic availability



  • Chemical and plastics industry
    • High purity chemical process
  • Consumer goods
    • Cleaning and sanitation
    • Personal care
  • Food industry and agrochemicals
    • Aseptic packaging
    • Food process


  • Aseptic packaging
  • Food process
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Sanitization / disinfection