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Peroxal® BPM


A highly purified, lightly stabilized and tin free hydrogen peroxide grade specifically designed for chemical process.

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Highly purified hydrogen peroxide is excellent in reactions such as: the synthesis of peroxides (peracids, hydroperoxides, diacyl peroxides), the epoxidation of olefins, the hydroxylation of phenol, and the oxidation of amines.  Peroxal A is a specifically designed hydrogen peroxide for use in applications where high purity, and very low levels of inorganic metals are present. The product contains a specialty stabilizer package which is a very low concentration. This highly purified and lightly stabilized product is excellent for applications which are sensitive to both residues and precipitates, and unintended reactions with trace inorganic ions.

Liquid monomers and oligomers acrylate and methacrylate resins for polymer synthesis

Geographic availability

North America


  • Chemical and plastics industry
    • Chemical process


  • Chemical process