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Cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceuticals

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used in pharmaceutical applications for its disinfectant properties. Healthcare applications include the disinfection of dental and surgical instruments as well as contact lenses. Personal care products include hair bleaching and hair colorants, teeth bleaching lotions, pastes and mouthwash.

Hydrogen peroxide is mainly used for the preparation of hair care products, for skin disinfection or for the decontamination of contact lenses. For these applications, hydrogen peroxide is used in diluted solutions : 3% to 12% of hydrogen peroxide.

It can also be incorporated in more complex products such as oxidative hair care creams or buffered and isotonic solutions used for the decontamination of contact lenses. Dilution or incorporation of additives decreases the stability of hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, it is suitable to use a highly stabilized grade of hydrogen peroxide in order to reduce the risk of decomposition of the product during storage and consequently a release of oxygen, which may induce an overpressure in the packaging.

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For this purpose, we recommend our Peroxal® PG grades or our Peroxal® OG grades. All the grades are prepared starting from distilled hydrogen peroxide, guarantee of high purity and reliable quality.



Peroxal® CG, when properly diluted with water to 3.0gm hydrogen peroxide per 100ml, meets the specifications as required by the U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP). For EU applications that meet European Pharmacopeia we recommend Peroxal® PG and Peroxal® OG. Their characteristics meet the purity specifications of European Codex. For all these grades, a “Drug Master File” has been also applied to the French Ministry of Health (DMF n° 88-45 for “D7“ grades ; DMF n° 88-48 for “optical” grades).